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Who we are[email protected]/472028910

For now it’s me:

Alessandro Rossetti: Intelligence Team Leader by day, aspiring blogger by night and this is my blog. I live in Rome where I work in the spaces left by the holes. I’m an Italian language addict (and that’s all to say) and corrects and puts hand in almost all the articles that are published in this post

… and the target of my heaviness:

Alessandro Rella: He lives more among computers than at home and is on the hunt for quality bullshit for his friends. He lives in Gotham City where it slams like a wild boar to protect its community (although I have the impression that it is not so true…).

Sometimes he tries to get rid of the yoke I imposed on him but without too much conviction or success.

All I can say about him except that he does not have infinite patience.

Going back for a moment, you can get to know us better by visiting our Linkedin profiles linked to this page.

We started spitting bloo … collaborating together in the translation of a book, Python per tutti: Esplorare i dati con Python 3.

We enjoyed writing, translating, trying to broadcast something and above all working together and, when I proposed to Alessandro to follow me on this adventure, he accepted and here we are.

More than a blog, these are travel notes: it contains things that we have learned along the way and that we think will be useful to others.


P.S. Actually there are another couple of authors who help us and I will be happy to introduce them to you at the right time!