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Sextorsion: who did it?

Sextorsion emails are becoming increasingly popular. Let's see what are the steps to follow to understand how the proceeds were monetized, identifying the exchanges to which the bitcoins were sent.

Kilos part 2: let’s mix our bitcoins with Krumble!

A while ago we talked to you about Kilos, the search engine for the Dark Web markets, putting it in close relationship with the late Grams. At one time Grams also integrated Helix, its mixing service for bitcoins. Today, however, Kilos has implemented Krumble, a service that promises to make our bitcoins anonymous. Let’s see if it’s true! What is Krumble? As we said on a few occasions, all Bitcoin transactions are tracked and will be accessible by anyone forever. Using mixing services could combine the activities of multiple subjects and carry out various apparently superfluous transactions, in order to…

Recon, the new search engine for shopping on the Dark Web!

We have already talked about Kilos and DarkSearch, two Dark Web oriented search engines with different strengths and critical points. From that day, to upset the scene, Recon has arrived, reachable at the onion address reconponydonugup.onion. It is a new engine to search among various Dark Web markets, created by HugBunter, a character well known for being the main administrator of Dread. The context of reference Some time ago, in the sections of Reddit, called subreddit, it was possible to find all kinds of information concerning the Dark Web markets. Given the dubious legality of this type of content, the…

DarkSearch, the real Dark Web search engine (maybe)

In a previous post we talked about Kilos, a kind of search engine specializaed in searching among listings in the Dark Markets. Now we are going to talk about DarkSearch, a service that promises to be the first real search engine for the Dark Web. Let’s see how it works. Features Differently from Kilos, DarkSearch allows to search among all the Dark Web pages that have been indexed and not only in some specific market places. Infact DarkSearch indexes continuosly new pages. In the home page there is a counter that, at the moment we are writing this article, tells…

Kilos: once there was Grams

We constantly hear about the Dark Web and the dangers that can be found there. In fact, we can say that it is not such a frightening place, but only an environment where it is difficult to orientate. With a little experience, however, it is easy to find useful services and portals to stay updated and know how to move. A bit of history… Everyone, for better or worse, remembers Grams: it was a search engine designed to simultaneously consult the offers of narcotic substances present in different dark web markets. Obviously the service was not only useful to criminals,…

Let me find your username

In this article we started to getting our hands dirty with one of the first operations that are done in online search activities: the search for aliases and usernames used by the same user on the net.