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OsintOps Blog

OsintOps is the blog dedicated to all news concerning OSINT (and more)

Our Projects

OsintOps Blog

Our blog covers the latest news and developments in the field of Open Source Intelligence.

It also provides tutorials and resources to help people learn about OSINT and how to use it effectively.

ARGOS Script

This script will automatically set up an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) workstation starting from a clean Ubuntu* 22.04 LTS Virtual Machine/Workstation.

Anu₿itux project

AnuBitux is, first of all, a Debian based distro that aims to provide a simple and safe environment to use and manage cryptocurrencies. Its aim is to allow all the users to safeguard their cryptos and their privacy like pros, without the need to prepare any complex set-up. But it is not only a customized operative system, it also wants to be a place to share knowledge and best practices, providing tutorials based on AnuBitux that can be applied in every situation.

OsintOps News

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