From an original idea of our member and author "Mister Serious" and with the participation of almost all members of the OsintOps Team, the Anu₿itux Project was recently born.

So, what is Anu₿itux?

As indicated on the Project website:

Anu₿itux is, first of all, a Kubuntu based distro that aims to provide a safe enviroment to use and manage cryptocurrencies. But it is not only a customized operative system, it also wants to be a place to share knowledge and best practices, providing tutorials based on Anu₿itux that can be applied in every situation.

For all information on this distribution, please refer to the project site where you can find the description of the tools included as well as other use cases and examples.

There is also a Telegram channel as well as a Twitter profile, which will be constantly updated with all the news.

Mister Serious
Post by Mister Serious
July 11, 2022
Head of the AnuBitux project. Works as a cryptocurrency analyst and in the blockchain forensics field. In the free time he develops this distro and codes with Python.